Redefining how parents pass down their culture through conversation

Meet Loree

Intelligent companion

Loree lives inside your devices, is fluent in all languages, and helps introduce culture and language learning into your child’s daily routine. She pays close attention to what you’re saying and caters to your child’s needs as they learn and grow.

Native language exposure

Loree is a natural conversationalist. She helps your child gain language fluency and retain what they learn through increased exposure. She loves talking to you and your child in the same way you’d share the exciting parts of your day with a loved one. She responds, asks questions, and even laughs.

Customs and traditions through stories

Loree creates original stories and beautiful illustrations with a little help from your child’s imagination. Her interactive storybooks revisit experiences from the day and bring together customs, themes, and traditions unique to your culture.

Loreebook AI

Loree isn’t just a friendly face, she’s a great listener who thinks on her feet.

Natural Language Understanding

Loree understands and talks to you like a real person. She decodes complex conversations through a series of natural language queries, helping her pick up on subtleties, humor, and emotion.

Deep Learning

Loree’s smart. Multiple layers of information help her understand how concepts relate and allow her to translate your conversations into relevant themes and stories.

Context Awareness

Loree stays one step ahead. She can adapt to prepare your child for the days ahead by learning your preferences, what you’ve done, and what you are planning to do.

Meet the team

Loree is the result of a vision created by Moment designers and thought leaders exploring ways to celebrate culture and diversity through Voice UI.

Tommy Carroll

VCU Brandcenter '18

Blue Cuevas

IIT - ID '18

Chantal Jahchan

WashU '18

Jason Kim

RPI '17

John Devanney

Managing Director

Rodrigo Miguel

Senior Designer

Jacob Pastrovich

Director of Marketing


Product Expert